Under Armour

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Sports apparel innovators, Under Armour joined forces with Perfect Fools to celebrate the much anticipated European launch of the Dominate and Create football boots. This resulted, not only in a rich new online showcase but also in the Under Armour 11.

A football team based on a concept developed by Perfect Fools, which boasts eleven of Europe’s toughest amateur football players, each handpicked to represent individual playing styles and local weather conditions.

My role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Design

Watch 1 of the 11 players films



LG asked Perfect Fools to create a fresh and innovative new way of reinforcing the notion that the best things in life are even better in 3D. The result is ‘LG 3D Studio,’ an experimental platform set up to explore new possibilities of 3D experience.

While ‘3D Newsfeed’ is the first in a series of LG 3D Studio creations, the brand is actively encouraging feedback and ideas for future experiments via the app and their Facebook page.

My role: Concept Development, Film Direction, Film Editing, Post Production

Secret garden party, Leeds festival & Bestival


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As one of a two man crew from Perfect Fools I joined Converse for the English festivals ‘Secret Garden Party’, ‘Leeds Festival’ and ‘Bestival’. Here we documented festival activities hosted by Converse and updated their social media channels daily with photos and other festival madness.

Check out the films from the different festivals below.

My role: Art Direction, Film Direction, Film Editing, Post Production

Secret Garden Party Leeds Festival Bestival

Get Real

Chevrolet Aveo

Perfect Fools produced this microsite as a part of Strawberry Frogs campaign for the Chevrolet Aveo. This model is a smart, modest and most of all real car and the site was designed and built in similar manners but with one big difference, users could at any time use the inviting slider to transform it into a totally different site for the Bruto 88i model. Which was the complete opposite of the Aveo, full of clichés.

MY ROLE: Design, Animation, Front-end Development

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Watch a screen recording

Recession is so 2008

Personal project

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This is why you should have given me a job in 2009. Personal online portfolio for the harsh financial climate that came upon us in the late 21st Century.

My Role: Concept, Design & Developement

9650°, 17550° & 11220°

Skateboard‌ exhibition in STHLM

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Designed with the classic 180° skateboard trick in mind. This design is built from a single vector object that’s slowly being duplicated, rotated, scaled and re-positioned. The title is mathematically based upon the number of objects times by the rotation degrees.

My role: Concept Development, Design

How to spring clean


A DIY film explaining how Converse fans can spring clean their Chucks in the best way.

My role: Concept Development, Art Direction, Film Direction, Post Produciton

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